Using Android Navigation Architecture Component

  Are you still struggling with writing code for complex app navigation flow using Fragment transactions, Fragment Manager, back stack etc? Then Android Navigation Components is one stop solution to resolve this problem. This Jetpack library is being vastly used by developers community across the globe and they are finding it very

How to Develop a Secure Android App

  In order to preserve user trust and maintain data integrity, developing secure mobile application is one of the major challenge for most of the mobile app developers. This article will take you through some of the best practices that should be followed while building Android app to avoid security vulnerabilities. 1.

All about Memory Leaks in Android

When your code allocates memory to an object, but never de-allocates it. What is memory Leak in Android ? Whenever an object(A) which is not required anymore is being referenced by some other object(B) which is currently in use, would make garbage collector to consider the object(A) as an useful object . Hence GC will